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Dumb Jealousy [Tachibana MakotoXAssumedFem!Reader]
Ever since you found out that Gou had used to like your boyfriend, Makoto, things haven’t been quite the same. Your jealousy that you felt towards her grew immensely. Was it her fault? No, it was your damn own. You were being insecure because you felt like she would steal your dear Makoto away. Never did you once not trust Makoto because you firmly knew that he loved you and only you. There was still a doubt that he would leave you for her, however.
You had many bad relationships. They were good up until the other partner messed it up. You would be left heartbroken, again and again.  Then, you finally found Makoto. You both had met when you accidentally bumped into him. Every time you bumped into someone, it was always him. You both slowly became friends and then soon lovers.
Four months had passed and you guys are still strong. The only problem was your internalized jealousy. You had told Makoto about it, but he would always remind you that he loved you and wouldn’t t
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 17 6
Family [Lon'qu X Fem!Reader]
You cooed at the little baby Morgan, sleeping in your arms. He cried for about two hours until the baby decided to go to sleep. Sleepless nights were going to be very common for now on. Lon’qu stood over your shoulder, silently watching the sleeping baby. Though he didn’t voice it, you knew very well that he was happy to have a son.
Morgan inherited your looks but had Lon’qu’s color hair instead of your [hair color] hair. It was yet to early to see who he was going to take after. It seemed like Lon’qu was pretty keen on teaching the boy the way of the sword, so he might be a myrmidon just like his father.
You looked at Lon’qu, noticing that he had a tiny smile on his face. You smiled even wider, and then held Morgan towards him. “You want to hold him?”
Lon’qu’s eyes darted between you and the sleeping baby, as if unsure to hold the child. Your smile never faltered, and you continued to hold Morgan towards him. Lon’qu fin
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 39 41
The Tough Guy Act [Aragaki Shinjiro X Reader]
It was awfully cute how Shinjiro tried to act like a tough man around you. You guessed it was just a guy thing. He always tried to ignore your teasings and even public displays of affection. His cheeks would always turn red and you would just giggle away.
Only when you were both alone would the act fade away. His hands softly touched available part of your skin, slowly stroking. He constantly spread kisses on your cheeks, muttering sweet comments underneath his breath. His nose skimming your softly, making your cheeks turn a soft pink.
You would never forget these special moments between the both of you. He was indeed that special. You would never forget even though he was dead. You would carry his memory as long as you lived. The memory of your first love.
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 24 3
The Kind Giant [Sado 'Chad' Yasutora X Reader]
There was once a fifteen year old by the name of Sado Yasutora. His friends call him Chad however. He was pretty big, taller than most his age and muscular too. Despite his appearance, he was the kindest person you could ever meet. He also had an unexpected weakness for cute things as well. Pretty unexpected indeed.
When you had first met him, you weren’t gonna lie he scared the absolute shit out of you. A guy who towered over you and not mention had a pretty scary looking face. And you thought Ichigo was the scariest one in Karakura Town.
But then you had started hanging out more with him and realized you should never judge a book by its cover obviously. He treated with absolute care, handling you as if you were a piece of glass. Afraid to shatter you. Your relationship with him is a happy one. Hugs and kisses that overflowed with love, cuddles showed the warmness in his heart. The sweet nothings he would whisper to you in Spanish when you both were alone, the w
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 42 26
Good Goodbye [Gareki X Reader]
Little time not a moment wasted with you
I realized to stay
We had to break away

You quickly ran in the Second Circus ship, panting loudly. You had to reach him. You just had to reach him! You weren’t letting go that easy.
Come to me
All that I can say's already said
I come to you
There is one word that I can't forget

Suddenly, you emerged at the outside dock, seeing Tsukumo, Nai, and Yogi already there. They were already waving goodbye to him. He was already going. had to say good bye at least! You had to!
“Gareki-kun!” You yelled and broke into a sprint. You had yelled his name again again and embraced him from behind. “Gareki-kun…let me say…” You buried your face deeper into his back. “Goodbye at least, you idiot!”
Good Goodbye
Good Goodbye

He clicked his tongue, and his face was covered in a faint blush. “Dumbass. I’ll be back before you can even miss me.
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 19 18
Different Ways Of Life [Ghoul!Sousuke X Reader]
The first time you had ever met him, you were absolutely afraid of him.
When he looked at you, you can feel him  just silently judging you. It felt as if he can read your soul. Like he knew every secret. Like he knew everything..  Intimidation radiated off him. His eyes silently conveyed the message, 'Please leave me alone or I will not hesitate to hurt you.'
You had then found out that the aura the was emanating off of him was there for a reason.
You had been walking home from the store one night when you heard some faint screaming noises. You were curious on what was that noise. What is it a dog or something?
You walked down the alley way where you heard the noises coming from. The noises started getting louder and you heard some crunching and slurping noises. What an animal eating something?
You saw a hunched over figure over a corpse. It looked like it was eating the meat of it. You gasped and dropped your bag of ice cream.  The figure looked back at you and
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 44 44
My Place? [Akashi Seijuurou X Reader]
You didn't mean to back talk Akashi. It was in your nature to do so. You had a really sharp tongue, so talking back is just a normal thing for you to do. Being sassy was just your territory.
"Do not sass me and know your place." Akashi hissed this at you, his heterchromatic eyes narrowing to slits.
"I know my place. It's where I'm standing right now."
Akashi's eyes turned dark with anger and you backed away slowly. "I'm....sorry?"
"Get ready to be punished for disobeying." Akashi took out a pair of scissors.
Needless to say, you almost got stabbed with scissors that day.
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 136 200
ROSE BLOOD [Belphegor X Reader]
When your shadow remains me like a rose
I would think to hold you tight
Even your thorn stabs to my skin
Won't let you leave yeah

You stayed with him.
Why did you stay with him was beyond your comprehension, but you simply stayed.
Did your love really make you stay with him to the point of never leaving him?
Even though he caused you pain?
It's alright to me, the pain will become
Luscious, agonizing, nectar to me yeah

One of his knives trailed on your skin, leaving a thin line of blood behind. You didn't like pain in general. But with him, you were slowly starting to like it. It brought you pleasure to be cut be him. Of course, you wouldn't admit it out loud.
You find yourself softly whispering his name and him laughing that insanely annoying yet very addicting laugh of his right back at you.
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 6 44
Tease [Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader]
There was never a moment where Kuroo didn't tease [Last Name] [Name]. In other words you. Whether it be about your height or the cute faces you make when you blush, he always made sure to tease you about it.
"Tetsurou-kun! Stop teasing me!" You huffed as you stompted your foot on the ground, pouting.
Kuroo just ruffled your hair. "Nope~ Besides, you look so cute when you're angry [Name]-chan~"
Your face turned entirely red. "Stupid Tetsurou-kun."
He smirked. "Aww, is my short [Name]-chan being all pouty again?"
Your face flushed again. "S-shut up! And stop calling me short!"
He chuckled. "But you are short. Besides, your shortness is pretty adorable~"
"I hate you," you muttered, while blushing.
He leaned closer, smirk still present on his lips. "What was that? Can you repeat that [Name]-chan?"
You turned your face away from his, still completely red. "Stupid Tetsurou-kun."
Kuroo grabbed your chin with his fingers and made you look at him. "You sure about that?" The smirk on his face wi
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 81 191
Sweet Illusion (Rokudo Mukuro X Reader)
Darkness was all around you.
It surrounded you completely and you felt as if you would suffocate in this dark abyss. No matter how much you willed it away, it seemed to push tighter against you. A whimper escaped your lips and just as you felt like you would break, light surrounded you.
There was no more darkness, just light.
A hand entered your vision and you looked up, seeing the purple haired male you loved oh so dearly.
“Mukuro-san….” You whispered, clutching the material of your clothing tightly between your hands.
His lips curled into a smile. “Kufufu~ Let’s go on a walk, my dearest [Name]~”
You took his hand, smiling.
Even if this was illusion, the love you felt for him certainly was not.
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 9 29
Rain (TYL! Yamamoto Takeshi X Reader)
Rain felt nice on your skin.
You tilted your head back, allowing more of the water to wash over your skin. A sigh came through you parted lips. It was awfully refreshing. As if the rain was washing away your problems.
The rain was one of the ways you can feel close to your beloved rain guardian. Missions were and will always be apart as a guardian and being their significant other, you had to support that role. And you did.
But that doesn’t mean that the heartache and loneliness cause by his absence stopped.
A tiny smile curled on your lips as your salty tears mixed with the rain falling down from the sky.
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 13 10
The Perfect Stone [Steven Stone X Fem!Reader]
The (H/C) scrubbed harder at the dish she was holding. She was aggivated. Not at the plate because it wouldn't get clean (okay maybe a bit but that is beside the point). But at her boyfriend. Steven. He was always out. Every time she asked him if they could go out, he always said he was busy at Granite Cave. Plus, he had to attend to things at the Pokemon League. Did he not want to be with her anymore...?
She sighed and placed the dish on the dish rack and turned off the water faucet. She suddenly felt horrible, thinking of the possibility that Steven didn't want her.
The woman then trudged to couch, deciding that it was the nearest thing to collapse on. She layed face down on the couch, wallowing in her own self pity. She buried her face deeper into the couch, hoping she could fall into a dreamless sleep.
Suddenly, there was knocking on the door. The (H/C) girl grunted and then went to open the door. Speak of the devil...
Steven smiled. "Hello (F/N). I have free time today so do you w
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 191 110
First Kiss [Tanba X Fem!Reader]
Tanba mentally freaked out while his girlfriend (L/N) (F/N) cuddled him with no care in the world. He didn't know what to do. I mean, he was cuddling her back, but that wasn't the point! He really wants to kiss her, but he can't bring himself to do so. How does one kiss? How do you kiss a girl He looked down at his girlfriend, a faint blush covering his cheeks. He awkwardly started stroking her hair and brought her closer.
The girl sighed softly and cuddled into his chest. "Kouichirou is so warm~"
The bald male just blushed darker. "Just be quiet and enjoy the moment!"
The girl pouted and looked up at the male. "Are you embarrassed?"
His face remained red. "N-no!" Now what does he do? He's too embarrassed to anything! He didn't realize it was that difficult that kiss a girl!
The (H/C) girl looked up at him. "Kouichirou? Are you sure that you're okay?"
He looked down at the girl, who's lips weren't as far from his. He didn't answer the girl. Instead he just place
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 29 19
Play Wrestle [Kuramochi X Fem!Reader]
"Youichi!" (F/N) squealed.  "Get off!"
Kuramochi currently had his girlfriend, (L/N) (F/N) pinned on the floor. She squirmed underneath him and tried to get out of his grip. The idiot just wouldn't get off of her!
Kuramochi kept his grip on the (H/C) iron solid. "Not a chance! I'm going to keep you like this for a while until you learn your lesson!" His fingers went underneath her shirt and started tickling her.
She started laughing loudly and squrimed even more underneath him. "Y-Y-Youichi! Stop! I didn't e-even do a-a-anything!"
He tickled even more and laughed. "Hyahaha! You were talking to Miyuki bastard and I don't like when you talk to that megane bastard!"
She laughed more. "Y-Youichi! H-He was just asking w-w-where you w-were!"
He pinned her on the ground. "You sure, (F/N)-chan? Or do you want more tickles?"
She shook her head and giggled. "N-no! No more, Youichi!"
He smirked and kissed her forehead. "Good girl. No more talking to Miyuki, okay?"
She stuck her tongue out at
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 67 78
It Is Fair [Himuro Tatsuya X Fem!Reader]
Himuro shot yet another basket into the hoop and defeated his girlfriend, (L/N) (F/N) yet again. The (H/C) female was a fellow shooting guard on the Yosen's female basketball team and like always, she challenged to a one-on-one match.
She huffed once more and glared at him. "One more, Tatsuya!"
Himuro sighed and bounced the ball, smirking slightly. "Another game? My, my you sure are persistent."
Nonetheless, he gave a charming smile and tosed her the ball. And so the game began. It started out with them just blocking each othet from making shots but (F/N) finally found an opening and went for making a shoot.
She ran closer to the hoop and tripped on Himuro's foot. The (H/C) girl closed her eyes and hoped to feel the impact of the floor...but she only felt warmth around her. Once she opened her eyes, she noticed that Himuro had prevented her from falling.
She pushed him off and stepped back from him. "L-Let's keep going!"
And so they did. By the time the game ended, she was fum
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 102 28
Nap Time! [Furuya Satoru X Fem!Reader]
"Satoru-kun, please get off of me." (L/N) (F/N) tried pushing Furuya off her lap, but he simply refused to get off. "No. I want to nap."
(F/N) sighed. "But why on me?" Why did Furuya have to get exhausted so easily? And plus that, why was he so lazy?
Furuya simply looked at her. "Your lap is most comfortable, (F/N)."
She sighed again as he adjusted his head on her lap.
Moments passed and she heard Furuya's soft breathing. She looked at the peaceful face of Furuya. She has to admit he did look pretty cute while sleeping. Her fingers stroked his cheek gently, not wanting to wake up the dark haired pitcher from his slumber.
The (H/C) then yawned. 'Maybe a nap wouldn't hurt.' The female closed her eyes, letting herself fall asleep.
~Extended Ending~
"Oi, baka you're being too loud!" Kuramochi hissed at Sawamura.
"I'm not being too loud! You are!" Sawamura yelled back.
"How about you both be quiet?" Miyuki snapped pictures of the sleeping couple (being (F/N) and Furuya) and then smirked, lo
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 50 69


Aftermath: Deal (Eddie Gluskin x Reader) Part V
“Tell me who did it!”
“We didn’t do it!”
A bloodcurdling scream echoed in the abandoned warehouse, bouncing on the walls and floor and making it seem like a horror movie or game.
“Now Waylon, do you really want to cause your sister more pain?”
“Don’t listen to him, Waylon! Stick to your guns!”
“I wouldn’t be too quick to say that, (y/n), given that you have a gun to your head.”
(y/n) did have someone putting a pistol against her head, threating to shoot her. However the knife to Waylon’s neck was more important to her.
“Listen to me, you sick psychopath, we didn’t kill Jeremy, something else did!”
“Really? Something?”
The man holding the gun to (y/n)’s head changed sides with Jeremy’s brother, who held the knife to her cheek.
“Tell me more about this thing.”
“I didn’t see it, I was trying to protect-”
He cut (y/n)’s che
:iconsilverfallenangel:SilverFallenAngel 57 8
Aftermath: Deal (Eddie Gluskin x reader) Part IV
“Mr. and Ms. Park that was a reckless move.”
“Just shut up and drive.” Waylon was holding (y/n) together as she continually wept into his shirt. Talking about Eddie made her feel like she abandoned him all over again, that she promised not to turn her back on him and did anyway. It made her hate herself as a person and feel guilty that Waylon was rising everything for her.
“But uploading that video is causing an uproar on the internet, even more than the original video.”
“Good, maybe Murkoff will be shamed into submission.”
“…perhaps…too bad it’s not Murkoff that hunting you down.”
Waylon and (y/n) looked at each other in confusion when they heard the click of a gun pointed straight at their heads. (y/n) measured how much of a fighting chance they had in this situation and it wasn’t good any way they sliced it.
“Now, Ms. Park,” the man pointed the gun at (y/n) before taking off his sunglasse
:iconsilverfallenangel:SilverFallenAngel 36 3
Deal Part III (Eddie Gluskin x Reader)
Eddie kept his promise to not hurt you again. In fact, he seemed even more focused on finding Waylon and getting out of the mental hospital. Who wouldn't? After everything that he was put through, it would make sense that he would want to leave.
And that's what bothered you; Eddie was insane. He wasn't supposed to have rational thoughts like leaving a place where he is top dog. He also stopped talking about wedding dresses and flowers and things that he wanted. He remained silent for most of the time, only speaking to (f/n) when he asked her to hide or be quiet.
Not that she would make any noise. She was getting scared but not of Eddie; Eddie's proved over and over that all he wanted was to get married and as long as she played into his delusion, she would be safe. And yet, a small doubt poked her thoughts once in a while to remind her of the situation.
"When I was a boy, my mother said to me, 'Get married, son and see how happy you can be~'"
He was singing again; good.
He humme
:iconsilverfallenangel:SilverFallenAngel 53 7
Deal Part II (Eddie Gluskin x Reader)
"Please hold still, Darling, you still have blood on your face." Eddie carefully wiped the manic's blood from your cheek as you twitched in distress.
" brother, Waylon...he's...he's..."
"He got away, the slippery whore." You looked at Eddie, who closed his mouth and smiled shyly, "Sorry, force of habit."
"Better him than me, I don't like it when you talk to me like that."
"I promise to do better, Darling."
"Eddie, Waylon, focus on Waylon. We need to find him!" Eddie put his hand over your mouth and you listened for any more noises in the large building. After nothing happened, he lifted his hand away, "Darling, we will find him, and when we do-"
"-we'll be married, I know..." Eddie's large hand cradled your chin and forced you to look into his blue eyes. You looked at the scarred flesh around his eyes and cringed in disgust; how dare Murkoff do this to someone, even if he was a crazy variant.
"No," you blinked and gasped when he brushed your lips with his. It was the first ki
:iconsilverfallenangel:SilverFallenAngel 59 8
Deal [Eddie Gluskin x FemReader]
"Let's make a deal."
Those words may have saved your life. Your breathing increased as the silence did.
"A deal?" The psycho named Eddie repeated as he had you in the locker. You were about to breathe in the gas when your mouth got you in trouble.
"Yeah, a deal," you started slowly, no need to piss him off too quickly, "You don't kill me, and help me leave this hellhole so I can find my brother, and then and only then, I will *gulp* let you make me an honest woman."
"How do I know you won't betray me like all the other whores?" His eyes narrowed at you and you gulped silently. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
"I...I can't believe you can't trust me, Eddie, why would I risk my life trying to find you, if I would just betray you?" You gave him the softest eyes you could manage, remembering from the papers you found that he had a history with violence and betrayal. You were just a visiting nurse at the hospital when it all went to shit, and it was only thanks to your brother,
:iconsilverfallenangel:SilverFallenAngel 79 7
Darling [Eddie Gluskin x Reader]
A/N: Eddie, Miles and Waylon are not insane and are something akin to friends. I might have altered Eddie a little bit... AU (Eddie's POV!)
I saw her walk into math, her head down to her chest, her arms tucked in and her note extended towards the teacher. She looked beautiful.
So shy, so innocent, so...perfect...
"Eddie! Stop staring!" Miles whispered as he drove his elbow into my side, forcing me to look away. I glared at him for a moment before looking back to the angel in the front. The teacher signed her note and sat her in the seat next to the window while everyone else in the room was either working or staring at the newcomer.
I mean who couldn't? She looked like a sweet angel, wearing a classic [f/c] dress with her [h/c] hair down. She looked out the window for most of the time, barely focusing on the math in front of her. When the bell rang, she waited for everyone else to leave before she started to pack up her things.
I stood and walked over to her table, hoping tha
:iconsilverfallenangel:SilverFallenAngel 104 12
[Persona 5 Protagonist/Akira Kurusu x Gender-neutral!Reader]
6/8, Wednesday
"I forgot my umbrella..." you nonchalantly stated. The rain that was falling gave no signs of stopping and you could do nothing but wait. 
"This is boring..." 
You decided that standing still was too much of a drag and started walking without any cover. Getting drenched by water was a normal occurrence, the people at school threw buckets of water at you everyday when they were cleaning so you didn't really mind. You were raised not to be troublesome and troublesome you weren't. People were pathetic if they needed to showcase their dominance and humiliate others, you thought and scowled at the messages you just received from those assholes at school.
How'd they get your number in the first place? Were those bullies previously in cahoots with Kamoshida?
You didn't know why that idiot had bothered to spread some rumors about you and because of him, you were at th
:iconri-xon:Ri-Xon 30 3
Rivals-chan(male ver) by Koumi-senpai Rivals-chan(male ver) :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 781 93
Take It Slow (Quicksilver x Reader)
Take It Slow (Quicksilver x Reader)
"Can I help you?" You held your pen up, ready to take the young man's order.
He jumped, looking up. Electric blue eyes looked up at you from under a head of blonde hair, dark roots showing.
"Can I take your order?" You asked again.
"Oh yes, I'm sorry." Sweet Jesus that accent was glorious. You tried not to stare as the man ran a hand through his hair, smiling up at you. "Could I have a decaf coffee and some pie please?"
Oh shit, you were so screwed.
"What kind would you like?"
"What would you recommend?" He asked, still with that incredible smile on his face.
"Um," it took you a second to remember what it was you were supposed to be doing. "The- the apple turnovers are amazing. They aren't technically pies, but they're worth it."
"Alright." His smile grew. "I'll have one of those please."
"Yeah," you stammered. "I'll be right back with that."
"Thank you beautiful."
You felt your face burst into flames and you hurried into the kitchen, praying he didn
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 487 63
Big Brother (Quicksilver x Reader)
Big Brother (Quicksilver x Reader)
You groaned, slowly lowering your aching body down onto the couch. You grunted as pain shot through your lower stomach, and tried to get as comfortable as possible. Truthfully, there was no comfortable position where cramps were concerned.
You groaned at the whoosh and rush of air that accompanied the voice. The sexy, Russian accented voice.
"Go away Pietro." You groaned, rolled over and wincing at the pain.
"Everyone is leaving for the mission." The Sokovian stood in front of you, staring in concern. "Why aren't you in your uniform?"
You sighed. "I'm off today. Stomach ache. Not going on the mission."
"Does the captain know?" Pietro asked.
"He does. So does Fury." The microwave beeped from the kitchen, and you sat up slowly, trying to ignore the shooting pain above your bladder.
Pietro disappeared and reappeared so quickly you almost didn't realize that he had gone anywhere, except for the hearing pad in his hand.
"Thanks speedy." You sighe
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 575 110
Sora x Reader: This is Halloween
This takes place after Kingdom Hearts 2, during the time between that and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.
"I don't know about this, Sora."
"Come on, it'll be fun!" (Y/n) gives him an incredulous look.
"...Taking me on a ship that has seen better days and flying all the way across the galaxy to another world? I'm not sure." Sora shrugs, grinning.
"Why not? You've always wanted to explore other worlds, and I owe you a date anyways."
"So why won't you tell me where we're going?" He gives her the puppy dog eyes.
"It's a surprise, darling. Please, (Y/n)? Pretty please~?"
Sora had defeated Xemnas, along with the help of Riku, a week ago. The rest of the crew had arrived before them, so after a rejoicing reunion, everyone started to worry about the the two boys. After a little bit, they, too, fell from the sky and landed in the ocean not far from the island. (Y/n) was the the last person to greet Sora
:icongreenzebra00:Greenzebra00 55 19
Spiritual Tears (Ventus x Reader)
"Ven!" A masculine voice called out, raspy like sandpaper.
"Ven, please!" Another voice, but it was mature and feminine rather than masculine.
"Ventus! Wake up!" Called the younger female voice.
"Wha-" Ventus opened his eyes, lights blurring his vision as he sat up. "Wh-Where am I?" He questioned himself. He scanned the room, finding that it was his room. But... it was off... The hall outside his room was a pure white colour, not the comfortable autumn-coloured base.
"A-Aqua! Terra! ______! Master Eraqus!" He screamed out, running out of the room into the empty hallways. "Hey! Is anyone here?!" He screamed as he ran in a panic.
But something was lurking behind him. Upon turning around, he found goo leaking from the ceiling and forming a mountain of darkness. He instantly turned on his heel and began running, the darkness attempting to catch up with him. The darkness was at arms length, right about to grab him and pull him in, but suddenly, a white door stood in his
:iconokami-wolfgod:Okami-WolfGod 26 5
Ventus X Reader [Study Sessions]
Ventus X Reader
Study Session
High School AU!
This one's kinda long and has a bit of X Vanitas in it guess XD
Btw there's a fuck ton of blushing in this one.
Hope you'll enjoy, and don't forget to hit the vote button!
It was another typical day at school, going to classes, taking notes, and all the usual shit.
You sigh and rest your head in your palm, lazily looking up to copy the notes that were on the board.
The teacher's voice is now barely audible to your ears, the monotonous words that left his throat starting to annoy you.
The teacher then called out at a student to solve an equation on the board. However, the blonde haired student seemed to be bickering with his seatmate about something quietly, and once he heard his name being called, he jolted upwards in surprise, the chair making an annoying loud creaking noise as he did so.
"Y-yes sir!" he replied, a blush of embarrassment dusting his cheeks. His yellow-eyed seatmate—whose name was Vanitas, snickering
:icondumbfuck-in-diguise:dumbfuck-in-diguise 7 3
Goodbye | Terra x Reader
Your body submits
Your heart succumbs
So why does your mind resist?

An unexplainable chill ran through your body, hands reaching up to sharply clutch at your arms in an attempt to recover the heat that your body craved and desired. Heading out in to the garden, you stared up at the night sky, something wasn’t right. Something must have happened to Terra.
“Terra. Please stay safe. Wherever you are…”
You cared for the Keyblade wielder more than you could care to admit to anyone. The feelings had been there from when he’d visited your home of Radiant Garden for the first time, saving you from creatures made of pure negative energy. Beings that he called the ‘Unversed’ and since that moment, he’d been on your mind, even briefly taking time out of his journey to visit you.
The voice made your eyes widen, turning on the spot to see a dirty yellow and orange metal suit of armour. The armour was kneeling in front of you, holdi
:iconmoonlighthope28:MoonlightHope28 21 1
For Terra Lovers
You sit in the light green grass of the Land of Departure, looking up at the night sky. You've lived here with Terra, Aqua, and Ventus (aka Ven) for as long as you can remember. You came here because of your ability to use a Keyblade. You're all the best of friends. Aqua even gave each of you a lucky charm that is supposed to keep you all together no matter where you are or how far apart you are. You put you hand on your charm, which you wear as a necklace.
"Admiring the stars again?" a voice asks behind you. You smirk.
"Well it's a good time to think, Aqua," you say turning your head to look at the blue haired girl. She smiles. Ventus, who was between her and Terra (who's being quiet), flashes a bright smile.
"We're going to watch the meteor shower," Ven says brightly, "Want to come?"
"Well before that," you say standing up and facing the trio, "I'd like a rematch with you Terra." You give him a sly smile. The brunette smiles and lets out a small chuckle. Aqua sighs.
"You two," she sa
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For Terra Lovers-The Adventure
For Terra Lovers
You laugh as Terra throws another self-made mud pie at your head.  The strength he put into it sends you tumbling back into your guys' brown "kitchen" pool. You laugh more.  
Even at the age of 6, you two never tired of your little explorations near the Land of Departure's castle.  As someday-to-be Keyblade Masters, your senses of adventure guided you into all sorts of strange places.
Today, you'd found a large mud pit that disrupted the scenery of the beautiful green meadow. It was like a large, chocolate beetle hiding in a forest plant.
You pack up a large slippery sphere and haul it at him with both hands.  It hits his stomach and he falls over.  He groans, then chuckles at your panicked face.
"Gotcha!" He yells over to you.  You frown.
"Not funny, Terra!" You yell back.  "If you'd really gotten hurt, I would've gotten in so much trouble!!"  Terra laughs more, seemingly unaffected by you
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Hello guys. As you can tell, I haven't updated a new story in forever. I am sorry about that, but I don't have any ideas/feel like writing anymore. I have to work and do a lot of things to go to college and I simply don't have the time to ponder any ideas for any fan fiction. I'll keep this account since I like to read fan fiction a lot. Also, I may write fan fiction again someday. I appreciate all the watches I receive, however, there is a low chance I may even update again. Thank you for understanding and thank you for supporting me.
If you want to see where I'm mostly active, you may follow me on Twitter: @ SmolEevee

Until next time Rice Balls ♡



Hello guys. As you can tell, I haven't updated a new story in forever. I am sorry about that, but I don't have any ideas/feel like writing anymore. I have to work and do a lot of things to go to college and I simply don't have the time to ponder any ideas for any fan fiction. I'll keep this account since I like to read fan fiction a lot. Also, I may write fan fiction again someday. I appreciate all the watches I receive, however, there is a low chance I may even update again. Thank you for understanding and thank you for supporting me.
If you want to see where I'm mostly active, you may follow me on Twitter: @ SmolEevee

Until next time Rice Balls ♡

I'll also redo my sorta cringey bio
Maybe when I get on my laptop tomorrow
Sorry I just lost all drive to write tbh and I only write self inserts for myself honestly
Idk if I'll ever publish something again but I'll keep my account open uwu
Not that I've been doing much anyways
Just watching South Park :p
I feel bad bc I haven't uploaded an fan fiction in months and yet I have almost 300 watchers
Wow lmao
That's hilarious
I'm sorry |D
I've been reading fan fiction and playing video games again it's so nice oml


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